Marketing and Business Development Strategy

Marketing and business development are closely interlinked but there is a subtle and important difference.  In the simplest of terms, marketing is the activity to reach and persuade the target audience to develop leads. Business development is the effort to convert those leads into sales and grow revenue. It is strategically important to combine marketing and business development for the success of the business. An effective marketing and business development plan is underpinned by a clear set up objectives which set out a roadmap to achieve strategic goals.

Services include but are not limited to;

  • Full assessment of marketing and business development strategy, competitor analysis, market analysis and tactics with recommendations.
  • Development of marketing and business development objectives tied back to strategic business priorities and longer term goals.
  • Creation of a marketing and business development strategy in the context of available resources and the broader business environment.
  • Refresh of existing marketing and business development strategy and supporting campaigns.
  • Identify and prioritise target audiences that actively respond to strategic marketing and BD activity. Deep understanding of the audiences is essential when setting the strategy and supporting activity.
  • Establish key messages that are  aligned to strategy for each target audience.
  • Establish reporting and ROI mechanisms to measure future effectiveness.