Communication and reputation management

A communications strategy needs to create awareness, inspire trust, create goodwill and safeguard reputation. Sending out the right message at the right time is vital for survival and growth. Effective marketing communication requires a clear message, effective positioning and appropriate tactics that reach your target market.  A strategy includes all internal and external communications undertaken to meet the marketing objectives and safeguard reputation.

Services include but are not limited to;

  • Review of communications (internal and external) strategy and ensure they are fit for purpose, appropriate, timely and fully utilised
  • Launch new partner, service or office
  • Development of public relations and reputation management strategy
  • Identify target media publications and journalists
  • Create fact sheets and press releases
  • Sourcing, managing and accessing PR effectiveness
  • Forward feature monitoring
  • Coordinate, coach and prepare for media engagements
  • Development and implementation of integrated thought leadership campaigns
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Use of digital and social media platforms
  • Social media guidance and protocol
  • Advise on directory placements and advertising
  • Identify and copy write award submissions
  • Maximise event and conference sponsorships
  • Copy writing emails, newsletters, blogs, CVs, LinkedIn profiles or infographics
  • Organise photo shoots and corporate video.