Put simply, brand is the public face of your business, it is everything the public thinks about your company and offering. Brand is not only a name, term, sign, symbol and design – it is a promise of what your company stands for. A brand can differentiate you from your competitors and ultimately influence buying decisions. Your brand is reflected in its visual identity, tone of voice and message.

Services include but are not limited to;

  • Review of branding strategy and how it is expressed internally and externally
  • Establish tone of voice and guidelines
  • Establish value propositions
  • Source and manage design or creative agency for a new brand or brand refresh
  • Develop brand guidelines
  • Brand roll out
  • Equip and engage employees to deliver on the brand promise
  • Re-establish brand relevance with your most critical stakeholders
  • Redirection of brand message and perception of brand with target audience
  • Marketing collateral design and print.